Full stop – Here ends 2011 and 2012 is an open page that we are to write on.
As a child growing up the Christmas period was always such fun and the days between Boxing Day and New Year my mother would encourage me to sit down and think about what “ New Year Resolutions” I might make for the coming year.  I would do this with such promise and determination, however two or three days into the New Year I would have broken at least one of them and by the end of the month all hope had gone out of the window.  It wasn’t until I got much older that I realised that I wasn’t failing on purpose, but that I might need to be looking at these resolutions from a different perspective. 
So having spent the summer months reading “How To Do Everything and Be Happy” and going over the shrewd words of Peter Jones, I sat down and drew up 6 New Year’s resolutions that I felt would make improvements to myself and my family.  I then changed their name from Resolutions to Goals, which could be achieve throughout the year and as long as I didn’t give up on them, but kept trying, I should be successful.
1.   Get Family Sorted
2.   Lose Weight
3.   Decorate
4.   Work
5.   Photo’s
6.   More Time
But as you can see from my list they are a little ambiguous and could be a list of anything for anyone, and this is where Peter’s wise words came into practice – I needed to make each of the goals more personal, each goal needed a step by step achievement plan of its own and in this way when I felt that I failed my goals or that I might as well give up I could look back at what I had achieved and in doing so this would propel me forward to achieving the required end result.
So hopefully the fact that I have sat down with each of my resolutions and transformed them into goals with simple sections to achieve until the final result and that I had taken a couple of hours to hone them to my requirements and planned that once a month I will go over these goals and see how I am doing and what improvements I can make – I hope to find that in 366 days time I having achieved at least one of this year’s goals if not all of them.
To those of you that have set yourself your goals and resolutions I wish you all the success with them.

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