Christmas Cards

Each year we are very lucky, not only do we get a lot of Christmas cards at home but from work as well. Some of them are from the local shops and have just the normal sentiments but others have been handpicked but all have been sent with such love and care.  The same can be said of Anniversary cards, Valentines cards, Easter cards (but not so many now the kids have grown up) and of course the very worthy Birthday card (of which we have 5 birthdays each year in our house)
As I reclaimed the Christmas cards from the shelves, hanging off the banisters and of course the card garland, my mind began to wonder……… Instead of throwing these away (sorry recycle) what could I do with them?
When the boys were little, I was given a template of a Christmas/party hat made from Christmas cards – which was excellent and they loved helping cut out the shapes and gluing them together.  But now that they are grown up, what should I do with them this year?   This led me to searching and searching the internet for ideas, they came up with the same old ideas time and time again of turning them into gift tags for the following year (which I have done before, but ended up putting them somewhere and not finding them until the Christmas period was well and truly over). Sticking them into a book to look back on – which I have also done before, but then they just sit up in the loft to gather dust, and as I have promised the husband that I would reduce the clutter that sits in our loft this year, I didn’t feel I could create another book of cards.
One website did catch my eye “Major Inspirations” on Sunday November 14 2010 they had posted a suggestion that I had not thought of (and I do apologise to those that knew about this all along) The Holiday Wreath or in my words – the 2011 Christmas Wreath. 
Great Excitement….. All I needed to do now was to get my husband to draw a template of a holly leaf and I could begin.
However, my little girl thought it was a great idea the Christmas hat and promptly sat herself down on the floor with Christmas cards and started crafting the 2011 Christmas hat – I do have to say that she made a lovely job of it and now with what’s left we will start on the Christmas wreath. 
This all stands us in good stead for our Make Shift Christmas of 2012. The only thing I will need to think about is the crackers……. But thankfully 2012 Christmas is a long way off. 

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