Paved in Gold

“London streets are paved in Gold”
I lived in London from the age of 7 and all the time I was there I never saw the streets paved in gold. In fact like most people that live in London, I didn’t see what was really going on or if I did, I just walked passed.
I have returned a number of times with my husband and children, but we are always on our way to somewhere else.  So seizing the opportunity with both hands I took the 3.06 to London, camera tucked under my arm and tripod thrown over my shoulder, I was ready for what the streets of London had to offer.  I just needed one more thing.  My best friend and partner in crime the lovely MP who still lives in London and has done ever since we were kids. 
We walked 4 hours and took photo’s as we went, we only covered a small section, but it was so lovely, to breath in the cold crisp air, watched as the tug boats silently glide down the river, even at 9 the streets of the city were so alive, they may not have been paved in Gold, but there was so much going on, the young lady with her running shoes on, Ipod music in her ears as she pounded the street with her secret smile that didn’t reveal her thoughts. The busy man in his pin stripe suit coming out of the office heading off for his weekend. The young couple snuggled on the step watching the world go by and even the tramp, housed in his newspaper home under the arches seemed to have a purpose.
It was the first time in about 15 years that I had actually stopped and watched what London had to offer and on this cold January evening the roads to me were indeed paved in gold. 

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