Another month another project.

Having finished the bobble blanket,

 I’ve now undertaken the task of crochet my son a granny square blanket for his bed.  Even thou we should be at the start of our summer, the rain keeps falling and the lovely sunny days that we had in March now are far behind us.

There are only 30 squares here so far, and just another 70 to go – hopefully to be finished by the end of April beginning of May

I have taken five balls of dk wool (White, Light Blue, Denim, lavender and  Burgundy) the aim is to get as many different colour combinations as possible (I’m thinking about 120 – but that’s just a guess)  and then complete the blanket.

I’ve also tried out two new craft’s Felting and Quilling, of which I have had limited success, so will need to get some more practise in before setting about making anything that I would think of giving as a present / gift.

This is Steve the egg mouse (first attempt) and now sits in my daughters bedroom in pride of place looking out the bedroom window.  Steve didn’t take all that long to make, about 3 hours (this included lots of gossiping with the other ladies) and the fact that I broke 3 felting needles (ever so frustrating) if you don’t get the “Straight in Straight out” action completely correct, you’ll find that the needle just snaps, and at £2.99 for a set of 3, you don’t want to be do that too often. 

My quilling Egg is only half finished, I will spend more time on this project, but I found the process very slow and I need to have more time on my hands, than I do at the moment. 

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