28 April 2012

Went for a walk this morning, can’t believe how unfit I am.  More exercise needed!!!!

Taking a stand at the mirror naked, I looked at the body before me, gone were the once shapely legs, tight bum and the bouncy pert boobs, and now in their place, are saggy sacks of fat.  Even the shapely legs seem to have spread to another dimension, and to top it all, my once brown hair, now is more grey than brown and hangs limply around my face. My eyes that once seem to sparkle with mischief, now show the ravages of age, and my skin, is feeling dry and wrinkled,in serious need of love and attention.

How could I have let things go to such a serious degree? I tell myself, it’s what happens to you once you become a wife and mother, but in truth there are plenty of well cared for mothers that stand in the play ground, managing to look, amazing, and one or two of them, even have more kids than me (I’ve got 3).  So I don’t really have any other excuse, than, I just did.

So for the next 366 days I’m hoping to plot my success of dieting and improvement of self esteem, so by 25th April 2013 I can say, that the last year has resulted in a total success and I am now happy with what I see before me.


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