29 April 2012 – Day 4

Having surprised myself of how unfit I’ve become, GDC & myself went for another walk this evening.  Can you believe it? this walk was more exhausting than yesterdays…… I’m not sure what we were trying, but for some reason our walking pacing seemed to get more and more rapid and before we got half way around fatigue had well and truly set in, the thought of a very large cold iced coke was the only thing that kept me going. mmmm think I might need some more practice.

The very inspirational  LW and husband, gave us a surprise visit today, so I was able to pick her brain, on what to expect when registering with Slimming World tomorrow.  It all sounds very impressive, the recipes look very appetising and as long as I follow the rules, the programme promises great things, and I’ve only got to look at LW to see how brilliantly it has worked for her, I know it’s not just the diet, that has made LW the success that she is today, it’s also her determination and single mindedness to succeed, if I can find just a third of that I might just get the improvement that I so need.

Slimming World Plate found on Ebay

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