30 April 2012 – Day 5

Well I did it, there was a couple of times when I thought fear would honestly get the better of me, and this in turn was making the pounding headache that has followed me around for the last 3 days grow worse.
I hate walking into a packed room, so arriving an extra 10 minutes early, soon solved this little problem, (just me and the consultant), giving me time to sort out my breathing, and try and relax as much as was possible.  Thankful this evening I wasn’t the only new recruit three others soon followed behind me, one that had already done the Slimming world before (but had gone back into her lax ways) and a couple, hoping to loose weight after she had given birth 19 days previous to a baby boy of 9lb 10oz.  Don’t you just hate it when the room goes silent and the stranger standing in front of you asks that question…… So tell us about yourself….. Normally this is when I hope the chair that I am sat on would open up and swallow me, but like every other occasion it doesn’t.  But this evening, I was able to quite calmly state that I thought I would give Slimming World a go as I had been totally inspired by the lovely LW who had managed to loose over 6stone at her class.  The hushed silence turned to gasps of delight and an around of an applause, (So take a bow LW, the Slimming World of our home town, applaud your wonderful success.)
D-Day happened for me at the end of the meeting, the hour listening to others peoples success and doubts had done nothing to calm me as I too would have to stand on those digital monsters and find out how much I really now weighted.  9 stone 13lbs (sorry I only work in old money). mmm just as I had thought.  Some work was needed, but I can still hear the consultants parting words to me, as I turned to walk away.  Just remember Sam, anything that makes the heart beat rise is good exercise….. Oh god, please don’t let the husband know that one lol.

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