02 May 2012 – Day 7

I’m not convinced you know….. I seem to be eating more on this diet than I normally do, so how can I be loosing weight?  I’ll never know.
Maybe, I just haven’t got the hang of what I should be doing, I understand the 1/3 & 2/3 system, I understand the a) and b) options, but hell, if I lose weight after all the food I’ve consumed over the last two days, I’ll be very impressed……. and this is what is worrying me, after all, what good is a diet if you don’t loose weight? …… Oh the shame of going back to group and weighting in and finding that I’ve gained (I’ll be a laughing stock).  Maybe smaller plates would help, or maybe individual serving dishes, instead of cooking everything in a big pot and dividing, each person gets there own serving dish…… but would that make any difference? well I suppose you don’t know until you try it.  However, what I have done, is make sure that each day, I fill in my food diary, I’ve even installed an Iphone app on to my phone so that I can check if what I am eating has syn’s
Hands up, I haven’t been going for my evening walk over the last three days, (but the weather has been so awful here that it’s the last thing I have felt like doing), and the other thing I really should do, is take my measurement, but for some reason, I just keep putting if off.  (But give him his due, GDC’s offered every night to help with that bit lol)
But I am proud of myself, in one instance – We went to the pictures this evening and that is one of my weaknesses, I like nothing more than to be enthralled by the Movie and while not realising it stuff my face with Benny and Jerry’s wonderful flavoured ice-creams and maybe, help myself to what GDC might be eating as well.  But this evening, there wasn’t any of that.  I had a Wagon wheel (which I snook into the cinema) and the bargain value of 8 Syns :(.

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