03 May 2012 Day 8

I don’t think I’ve ever been happy in my own skin! To me there has always been major things wrong, and at  the time, I never thought I could change, however, having talked to others and listened to what people are saying, I think being happy within yourself, is as important as being happy with the outside.  So maybe just being on a diet, isn’t all that is needed…. Maybe a little bit of self confidence is also required.  With this in mind, I’ve thought about what gives me confidence?
I love having my finger nails painted, my hair sleek and shiny, and I always feel so much more confident and able to face things head on, when a little bit of war paint has been applied. So the target for this week coming is to make sure that not only do I carry on with the diet, but that what ever I’m doing, I always make sure that a little bit of the old make-up is applied, even if it’s only lippy.
With reference to what I’m eating, I’ve learnt another valuable lesson, shop bought processed foods are a big no no.  To you this might sound very obvious, which I agree did to me when I sat down and thought about it.  However, when faced with rushing around Tesco’s this evening and getting tea ready for the kids, GDC and myself, before heading off out with the girls, I purchased the much loved Pizza’s  for all, except me of course.  I then had to think what was quick, easy and would fill me. Then it dawned on me….. Those wonderful innocent veggie pots, just pop them in the microwave and 4 mins later a warm and satisfying meal upon the plate.  Or so I thought……. what could possibly be of any harm in an Innocent pot (the name surely does what it says on the tub – INNOCENT) however, Slimming World had other ideas, an innocent pot of what I had purchased contained 6.5 syns and even though I had purchased the not so innocent pot, I certainly wasn’t going to eat it, I couldn’t, earlier on in the day, I had much enjoyed the wonderful delight’s of a cadbury’s flake (13 syns and oh so worth it) – isn’t it funny what we think is acceptable to spend syns on and what isn’t lol.  So my little girls now has a quick and easy dinner for tomorrow (as she loves them), and I’ll make a mental note not to buy them again.

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