05 May 2012 – Day 10

I am looking upon my 366 diet blog as more of a life changing and thought provoking blog.  Improvements not only to the body, but of the mind as well.
The positive things in my life and what there influence have on me.
Apart from my wonderful family, I have a small selection of really good friends. I know my Facebook page says I have 103 friends, and I like to think of many on the page as friends, but really good friends that know me for what and who I am, I have 7.
I have known EJ, since the day dot.  Been through everything with me.  EJ is the one I can always turn to in time of need.  Hopefully EJ can say the same of me.  EJ has always been like a sister to me which is important as I’m an only child.  The thing I love about EJ is they always give the impression that they are very happy with their life and their wonderful family. EJ manages to make the most of life, on one hand, but makes sure that their family and home are always up to scratch, EJ is always ready to help anyone that may need it, and they are a very loyal friend.

Is a friend that I’ve know since senior school, – JH is at the moment a single parent with two strapping boys.  JH has always had a love of education and with that in mind finished their degree a few years ago.  Things may get them down, but never for long, but manages to bounce back and always a little stronger.  Their brilliant mind never forgets a thing – especially birthdays, and takes great delight in reminding me which of their children I have forgotten birthday wise.  Thank god I’ve never forgotten JH’s

Is another senior school friend. – SL, is also a single parent, and may from time to time have problems with their kids, but who doesn’t, no matter what, those children are the light in SL’s life.  Life for SL hasn’t always been easy, but they always bounces back with a smile.  SL is always up for fun, and can quite easily get you into trouble, but that is why we love SL so much.

I’ve known since we were both 10, our birthdays are only 9 days apart but in my favour so I can tease that they are my older friend.  MP is someone to have a chat with, brilliant photographer, always happy to pass on tips and advice on photo’s.  MP puts up a big front, but if you can get beneath that shield, they are just  as vulnerable as the rest of us.  MP cares but hates people to see it, however, in time of need is always there, but may not give you the answer your hoping for, but still good advice all the same.  A very good parent always seems to have time and patients for BP.

I’ve not known RB long , in fact less than a year, but we seemed to hit if off from the start, they are a very dynamic person, with loads of charisma, always looks stunning, and has a smile for everyone, even when life is going tits up.  RB has a very caring heart, but also knows what they like and don’t like.  RB is a very strong character, and will not take any rubbish from anyone.  Even thought RB is 10 years younger than me, They certainly has so much more get up and go than I ever had when I was there age.  RB is the type of person, who will not be beaten by anyone or anything.  Our daughters are in the same class at school.

I met CA through my other half, they became friends before we did, CA’s has two daughters, CA’s eldest daughter is in the same year as my middle child, and CA’s youngest is in the same class as my daughter.  We don’t meet up that often, social gatherings and a couple of times a month, when we attend events at RB’s crafting shop, but we always seem to have fun.  CA is a very homely person and takes a lot of pride and care in their family and their home.  CA’s another one who is always happy to help a friend out, but forgets to take sometime out for themselves.

Is actually a family member, on the other half’s side. But I do see them as a really good friend.  LW is inspirational, has climbed many obsticals and beaten them all.  Always ready to help even when it’s to their own detriment.  A wonderful godparent to my little girl .  Great fun to be with, always ready for a laugh.  LW’s family are their life, 100%, throws themselves into it, but never remembers to take time for themselves.
I do see myself as very luck person to have these people in my life, and without each and everyone of them, I wouldn’t be complete.
So I’m sending out a big hug and loads of love to them all and thank them with all my heart for being around and letting me share in their lives.



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