09 May 2012 – Day 14

Feeling very sick, a lot of what ifs running through the brain.  This morning when I awoke I thought there might be a chance I’d lost some weight, however, had breakfast and lunch I am no longer so sure.
All I’m wishing for now is not to have put any on.  That would at least be something, I couldn’t cope with the embarrassment of having put on 😦
Where is the exit for my quick getaway?
Paid the money, got in line and waited,
3 People in front…. then 2….. now only 1!!!
Handing over my card and book…
41/2 off,
excuse me,
“Well Done” 4 1/2 off……
Well how the hell did I do that?   The amount of food I’ve eaten! and I’ve lost?  OMG, well here’s to next week 🙂 (5 days only) 🙂

I’ve never lost that much in one week before…. Need to celebrate …… I know I’ll walk home lol but we did go out for a meal at the Toby Carvery all that free food, rude not too


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