10 May 2012 – Day 15

Standing Still

I stood still for 5 minutes this morning, and took a deep breath.

Last night at SW we were talking about the route to success and one of the main things to come out of it was the need to plan what meals we were going to have over a weekly period – Just sit down for half an hour each week and plan the following weeks meals.  Well in my life that sounds easier said than done.

so taking that deep breath this morning I realised that most of my life is one big rush, and the main problem, I’m rushing around doing not much, and nothing was getting done.  Just looking there is at least 8 craft projects sitting on the kitchen table waiting to be finished.  (I really can’t buy any more things till I’ve at least finished half of them) Yesterday’s washing was still sitting in the washing machine, having been tumbled dried and I hadn’t quite managed to get it upstairs and put away.

There is a large pile of ironing waiting to be done, I look at it each morning and think must do that today, and as I go to bed I look again and the ironing is still looking at me waiting to be done.  The only thing that is happening with that pile is it is getting bigger.

Hopefully summer is only just around the corner, and even thou GDC cuts the grass regularly front and back, we keep saying we must do that and we must do this – but finding when it is mention, “Shall we spend the day in the garden” , I’m either too tied or rushing off for some reason or other to sort out this moments urgent task,  and this isn’t the first year it’s happened.  This year might be nice to have visitors over for the occasional BBQ or just drinks and a game of cards in the garden without running around like mad things trying to get it all cleared away and ready to be used.

My biggest bug-bare is the garage piled high of things we might just need one day.  I put my hands up, I am the biggest culprit on that score, but the years that we have said lets clear it out this year and we can you it as…….. and it’s never done…. we are looking at it as a bedroom for us at the moment, which in turn would give the kids more space which is so needed in our little cramped house.

So for me, it’s time to STOP take another deep breath, tuck my “How to do everything and be happy” boo under my arm (well phone) and start reading again.  (really looking forward to the second edition coming out soon) and having looked at my friends “View Outside” web page and blog to start making lists of things that I really must do, and I suppose that I should in clued that large pile of ironing that really needs doing!!! ( I hate ironing).


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