13 May 2012 – Day 18

So!  I now know that weekends are my downfall – and unlike most my weekend starts Thursdays evening.

So entering RB’s shop Friday morning, I couldn’t resist the the tantalising smell of apple and cinnamon cake that was secretly squirrelled away in a tin.  The eat me smells shouted out load as the lid was removed, to reveal a cinnamon yellow sponge cake.  The cake just melted in the mouth and the senses went wild with the sweetness of the melting appleas and tingled with the tang of fragrant   cinnamon.  this cake was well worth sinning for, and, I was helping a friend out, she wanted to know if the cake was good enough to sell, and I couldn’t of given her an honest opinion without first tasting said product, could I now??????

Saturday, was a lot of forward and back-warding with kids, so I was only too pleased when it was suggested to stop at Costa, I don’t know why I did it?  I wasn’t even hungry, the only thing I can say was ” I was weak” but oh boy the scone, clotted cream and the strawberry jam were heaven, one minute sitting on the table next devoured and nestledd warmly in my stomach.  I dare not look to see how many syn’s they had, but boy have I got to be good now, in readiness for the weigh in on Monday.

Must stay away from cake shops, Must stay away from cake shops, Must stay away from cake shops……..

I’m not sure that today (Sunday) was any better, the only thing I can say is that I managed to cut the grass front and back, and planned what is to be eaten the coming week, so hopefully that will help some way towards the big weigh in tomorrow and the coming week.


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