14 May 2012 – Day 19

Having spent so much time last week worrying about whether or not I’d lost weight on this diet, I thought I ‘d get it all over and done with this morning, and then the shock this evening when I jumped on the scales wouldn’t be so soul destroying.

Can you imagine my total shock when I stood on the our home scales and they shouted out that I’d put a stone on since last Wednesday… Talk about wipe the smile off my face, and it didn’t matter how I approached the scales, how many legs I stood on or even if I shook them, those scales reported each visit that since last Wednesday, I’d put a stone on.

Surely those couple of treats didn’t add that much to my once declining waistline.  Think!!!! the only reasonable explanation could be “THE SCALES HAVE BROKE”  Please god let that be the case.  So really, I’m not sure if I’am as worried about my scale jumping tonight as I was on Wednesday or more 🙂

Getting into the queue once more, the old stomach began to churn.  Could my bathroom scales be correct? my stomach did feel heavy 😦 the only thing in my favour, I’m wearing the same clothes as last week.

Looking around not many happy faces.  I wonder if everyone else is suffering from the 5 day week.  mmmm

Okay so 1lb on.  Well it’s not the stone that my scales stated, so that’s a relief, but still very disappointing. So maybe that scone was my downfall 😦 however, as a footnote; it’s that time of month that every lady hates.

"now in the bin"


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