26 May – Day 31

Oh the lovely sight of London in the sun. Today’s visit is just how I imagine a visitor would think the capital would look and sound like.

The. Sun streaming down on the business clad taking the opportunity of a lunch break to grab a few much needed rays. Old and new sitting side by side. Long shadows throw themselves over the street and road alike. Such a wonderful spectacular of flags flickering in the breeze. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the capital in such splendour before.

Chelsea pensioner looking resplendent in his red and black getting off the bus.
The busker that nonchalantly strums his guitar as he ambles to his next location and even the kind man that stops to help a lady down the steep stairs of the tube station and then carries on his route.

The tube station is heaving with hot sweaty bodies, trying to get to their next destination, but nobody seems to mind too much.

The queue to the ticket office is long, and slow, but as not in a hurry it gives a chance to watch the world go by. Some with rucksack on their back, much like me. Others dragging heavy looking suitcase. While the everyday commuter is battling their way through the crowds.

Not long now, before I can grab my camera out, and truly record the splendour of the day and this great city.

The rush the city can give you, the throngs of people, the sun beating down. The delights the city has to offer if you standstill for long enough, are breath taking, and with the celebrations now picking up speed, it really is wonderful to see the place decked out in true resplendore of flags, and bunting awash with red, white and blue.

The evening, is fast approaching and the spectacular of the day is drawing to a close. The weary head for home, but a wonderful time is had by all – the only thing now is to send lots of love and hugs to all involved xxx and for us to look forward to the next time x


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