27th May 2012 – Day 32

Is it right that on such a picturess day, with sun beating down, the birds singing in the trees, and the sound of children’s laughter in the back ground, that a great man, much loved by those that new him, should pass away?

I know that he’s been suffering with large amounts of pain and discomfort, that a body will give up when it most needs too, but shouldn’t it be raining, with thunderbolts and lightening, the sky so black that you have the feeling it could almost be night. Just as a mark of respect for those who now morn his departure?

I thank god that he is now no longer in pain, and at last he is with his beloved wife, who’s passing has shadowed his life for many years?

I’ve just heard of the most wonderful family tradition that is taken part in, from, my husbands side of the family. throw a penny in the river Thames, in memory of the dead. I so wish I’d known that before, but I shall be returning to London next weekend to start this tradition in his memory.


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