28 May 2012 – Day 33

I suffer from depression, and just when I think I have everything under control, it comes up and hits me fair and square between the eyes.

The worst times have got to be just after an extreme high, or after a really good time with Friends or loved ones – my world seems to come completely crashing down around my ears, and once on that slippy slope there is no returning until I’ve reached that all time low. Causing damage as I fall.

The thing about my depression is, it is self destructive, once the button has been pressed it doesn’t matter, who or what it hurts. Then once you get out into the clearing, the hardworking begins, trying to repair the damage that has been created. Sometimes, it will cause casualties, but I’ve been so lucky in my loved once and friends that they have in their own way overlooked what has happened, even if they don’t always truly forgive me.


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