06 June 2012 – Day 42

If only de-cluttering ones body and mind was as easy as de-cluttering ones garage.

Having said all that de-cluttering the garage does have its therapeutic values as well.

Much like my life, our garage is full of the almost amazing amount of rubbish. Things that at one time I thought I might need. The half used tins of paint, broken toys that might just get mended. Photo’s of people, you know full well shouldn’t be shown. (especially) if you want them to stay your friends. Things from the past that really don’t have any relevance to the present or the future. But yet you still store them away just in case. Even a blanket that once swaddled a tiny infant pushed to the back of the storage, this may sound sweet, but that once infant is now 18, has a girlfriend, working on his college work. And in truth, I’ve had two more infants since he was born, so don’t really think its needed.

Once the car was filled to the rafters the real de-cluttering began. Remove items from the boot, and flinging
them into large metal crates. Some of the things, may need sorting into departments. But you hold it tightly in your hand, and the sense of tossing it out into the abis and really letting go and not for one second having a regret or wondering if after all you may need it. Truly letting go.

So why can this not be done with feelings, why do we as humans hold on to all the pain that has come our way, and if we sit around aniylsing everything to the ninth degree , why do we never feel better afterwards ? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could go into the garage of our minds, and kick out the rubbish, that is stopping us going further with our lives and be happy at the same time ?



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