16 June – Day 52

Have you ever had reiki before?
Well up till about two maybe three weeks ago, I knew very little, Of course I had heard of it, but what it entailed, or how it worked, I was totally ignorant.

But having hit another rather nasty bout of depression RB suggested that reiki may help.

The heavenly scent carrying on the breeze from the ornate candle burner, the flickering tea lights and the room in semi darkness, with the mood relaxing music playing gently in the background I couldn’t help but relax a little, just an hour where no one was going to interrupt, or wonder what was going on.

How RB was able to connect spiritually I’m not 100 % sure and even though we’ve known each other a year now, her uncanny knowledge of things that she knew, that we had never discussed, her empathy for how I have been feeling. It was good to be able to talk to someone, that knew how i have been feeling, without having to explain a thing made discussing the problems so much easier, and all of this from reading and clearing my seven chakras, and palm healing.

The hour just flew past, and once the session came to an end, I felt just for a while a feeling, of contentment, but complete exhaustion.

There are a few dark problems there, of which I hope are not insurmountable and with the help of a few more Reiki sessions I can bring them all to a close.


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