17 June – Day 53

My stomach is churning, I’m nervous
How did he become so self reliant? He packed his own suitcase, packed his rucksack even sorted out his own packed lunch, when did he grow up so quickly? That once tender tiny baby that lay helplessly in my arms, is off on his own adventure. He’s been so excited about his visit to France since it was booked in April.

My middle child may only be 14 but he’s off on his first foreign school trip in less than 3 hours. I feel so helpless as I watch this wonderful young man grow up before my very eyes.

Midnight, parents outline the coach, while teachers do head counts, and passport check, internal lights lowered, the diesel chug of the engine and their off, just about got a wave goodbye as the coach pulled out of the pitch dark car park and that’s it now till their return on Friday.

As the coach pulled away and I sent a silent pray into the nights sky, it dawned on me that I too was 14 when I visited France. Please god let his trip be a more of a success than mine ever was. We had one child left in the middle of Paris, which the shock of being stranded caused her a massive asthma attack later that evening. We had drug addicts chase us through the market square waving needles. We even had two girls manage to smuggle a crate of beer onto the coach and then into our hotel, which later had its own repercussions.

Oh please god let his trip be more successful than mine !!!!

Do you remember your first school trip away from your parents, and how grown up you felt?


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