22 June – Day 58

Two minutes to ten and I’m sitting in my car waiting……

In reality the week has gone by very quickly, just had a phone call. “hi Mum, we’re not going to get back until 11.30” oh well best I go home and come back later 😦

11.29 no sign of the coach, but there are lots of cars appearing. That’s surly got to be a good sign. People say patients is a virtue, as each appearing headlight reflects on the garage doors as it turns into the school car park, my heart stops with excitement, and then I realise it’s just another excited parent coming to collect their child.

23:36 still no sign, each second seems to have its own minutes.

23:39 another car

Tired parents line up in their cars waiting, soon we will be taking our tired and hungry children home.

23:42 another car,

23:43 – LOOK , the coach has arrived, backing into place, as it’s occupants scramble for their bags, rubbing their tired eyes they one by one descend from the coach.

MDC much to my amazement chatted the 15 minute drive home, full of all the wonderful things they had tried and done.

I am so pleased that he enjoyed himself, but it is lovely to have him home. 😀


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