12 JUNE – DAY 48

As I stood in line my stomach rubbed against my backbone, so why did those scales lie to the tune of 1.5lbs? Oh well, I’ve had my arm twisted,  to go to Zumba tomorrow.  What the heck was I thinking when that word of “YES” came tumbling from my mouth?

Any sort of exercise unless it’s walking is way out of my vocabulary.  What was I going to wear? That was the biggest dilemma.  Me in trainers! Isn’t a sight I often allow.  I dug into the depths of my wardrobe and managed to retrieve an old pair, their only saving grace! They’re pink and white.

Mmm  just eaten dinner, maybe not such a good idea, well don’t start Zumbering for an hour, that should help.   I’m not sure this is the wisest thing I’ve ever done, but time will tell.

Ahhhh nice warm bath, nails painted and back into my high heels  (sigh) where was I? …….Oh yeah

ZUMBA “ OMG how did I survived an hour I’ll never know, I don’t think there was a part of my body that I didn’t use, but as I tried to join in, rhythm and coordination  went out the window,  I’m sure parts of my body moved voluntary  as the pace pick up at one point I wasn’t sure if we were trying out Charleston steps from the 1950’s or trying to keep up with the latest crazy, as I flung my arms in one direction and my legs in another, how I managed to stay upright was anyone’s guess.  The music was very uplifting and it carried you through the hour session.  Will I be doing it again?????????


Hell Yes lol 🙂


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