23 JUNE DAY 59

Having marooned myself on our king-size bed, the bed clothes rumpled with constant movement and our gray and tanned cat (Milly) lolloping at the end of the bed, the only sign that she’s still awake was the gentle purring and the occasional twitch of her slender white tipped tail it became perfectly clear to me, the only way I was ever going to get better was if I actually took charge of my own life, for example to be fully responsible for my every action and no longer holding tightly to the past rejections, criticism and feeling totally unworthiness that my child / young adult hood had given me.

As Milly stretched out on the bed and rolled over showing off her white furry tummy with its odd shaped tan patch, she showed me how contented her life was, and I too really want a share of that.

Over the last moth I have read and re-read 2 self help books, which I have dissected to their finer details, plotted out a course of action that I am hoping will equip me with the tools to change my life for the better.

How to do everything and be happy – By Peter Jones

You can heal your life – By Louise Hay

Have you read any books recently that have made a change to your life?


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