01 July – Day 64

My stomach churned and twisted, the traffic had been extremely heavy, and we had to be there at 1:45, the clock in the car read 1:41 – 4 minutes, otherwise we would be turned away at the gate.  Why had we stopped for that bite to eat? Well we hadn’t eaten since last night L.

1:43 – stuck at traffic lights, but the road ahead was clear, another set of traffic lights, why the hell does London have so many traffic lights?  The road I thought we would use was closed off L damn, another turn that we didn’t need to make.

2pm L The ticket says quiet clearly states, “Late Comers’ will not be allowed access”

I can’t believe it, one of my “Now Lists” almost within reach, and dashed at the last hurdle.

Grabbing my hand, GDC began to run, late, out of breath, and a stitch in my side from the running we arrived at the gates, a very smartly dressed, (Navy skirt and jacket trimmed in red cord) lady stood patiently while we got our breath back and tried to explain, she smiled sweetly, don’t panic, in you go, Just follow the queue.



Ok the Queen may not have been in, and we had to queue airport style with the rest of her royal subjects and first be de bagged, then the metal scanner (which in true SDC style set the buzzers off). Collecting our audio tutorial we were off.  A warm greeting from HRH Prince of Wales, on the palace and his mothers Diamond Jubilee.   (not in person lol )

The grandeur of the palace, is magnificent, with its long stately rooms each decked out in such individual luxury. The walls a dawned with larger than life portraits of past monarch depicted in their finest glory. As you enter the Grand Staircase, to view the receiving line of Queen Victoria’s family the audio tutorial breaks into a fan fair of the Coronation March, to really get you into the mood for what’s before you.

Coming past the Bow Room we descended out into the gardens were we return the tutorial devises and partake in a little afternoon tea.  The Garden Cafe, where we sip tea and tantalise the taste buds with fresh cream, Strawberries and fruit scones, before stepping out to our final leg the Gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Did You Know?

  • That the Queen has her own Post Office in the basement of Buckingham Palace? – How cool is that!
  • That there are over 700 rooms in the Palace, yet only three hundred staff?
  • That each chandelier that hangs in the ballroom are over 5ft wide and 11ft tall? – Don’t fancy cleaning them
  • That the Palace even has a rest room set aside for the children that take part in the tour.
  • That the Queen checks the Palace menu personally everyday and makes any necessary changes ? – The menu is always written in French and all changes are made in French!


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