28th June – Day 62


The early morning ritual of a steaming hot cup of coffee, to kick the senses back into life, a bowl of bran flakes topped with a slice banana and a Muller light fruit yogurt.  Snuggle down into the purple couch, flicking the computer into action and heading straight to my emails, safe in the knowledge that sitting patiently in the inbox would be this morning’s blog from “The View Outside” to set my day up, with either some sort of witty banter or thought provoking comment.

As in the those words from Hercule Poirot it gets those “little grey cells” working, and this morning’s blog was just as rich in thought provoking comments. – Journal’s and why we should keep them and is there a difference between a “notebook” and a “journal”? Well for me a journal (diary) is the place that you keep your most inner secrets that no one is allowed to go near, let alone read. Then the blog sent you off in the direction of two other blogs that she has been reading – “A Journal” on The Change Blog and then another comment on the “Writability” blog and all of this before 7 in the morning lol

As I shift in my seat I began thinking about my journal and why I had stopped writing it over a year ago?  It had been mentioned to me on more than one occasion that I only every seemed to write in my journal when I was sad or feeling really really low.  Well on further inspection this comment was reinforced 10 fold.  So slamming shut the pages of my diary and tossing it aside I made a vow, that as from today, I would go back to writing in my journal each day, however, I was only going to write about happy thoughts (the diary of Peter Pan). The negative writing hadn’t done me any good, so let’s see what Happy Thought’s could offer.


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