06 July – Day 68

Even though the above painting hasn’t been finished and it still lounges in the artist’s studio, this painting is mine.  When I first glanced it, it reminded me of my Grandparents house, but then on closer inspection, the street depicts a street I came across many times as a child when I lived in Ireland.

I know the artist doesn’t like the picture, however, for me there is something very real about it – So I hope, no I demand, that the artist puts the finishing touches to it and let’s me have the painting.  Or I could quite happily have it framed as it is and put it upon my wall in pride of place.

Thankfully I am on good terms with the artist and am in a very lucky position, where I can demand that my painting is completed lol. But my reason today, was not to see this painting, however, it was to see his completed works that now hung in what he described as a junk shop, but I do believe the owner would be most upset with that description, as before me, wasn’t a pile of junk, but an array of vintage furniture. A cream, distressed french dresser with three draws that once opened, revealed, their treasures within.  Two very large, Art Deco seats, with large marble arms in beige and comfortable cushions to rest yourself upon and in between the two chairs an Art Deco marble table and upon that a very lavish lamp and shade and many many more wonders to be sort.  Amongst these treasures were the paintings, hanging in all their glory, The old couple staring out to sea, A pair of discarded gardening shoes, a window and frame where upon a water jug sat and net curtains drapped across the window to minimise the bright sunlight discolouring the objects within. The list goes on, and as much as the art work suited it’s suroundings, the furniture, was better off for the art works presents.

Do you have any favourite paintings, or attend any art galleries ?


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