07 July – Day 69 (4 Years in the Making)

2007 a very rundown Farm House and outbuildings were purchased (work started 2008), and as of today, the last piece of the jigsaw was put into place.  I had the privilage to keep photographic verification of its rise to it’s now impressive state that is Hobbs Hole Farm.

The book (photo above) I have spent the last 4 years compiling, The photo’s contained in the book are only a small percentage of the many photo’s that have been taken, showing the highlights of the project along the way, not only the house it’s self but also the landscaped gardens of which there are 5. The stand alone cottage, that once was just a few bricks and rubble, the Coach House and Stables that didn’t even exist, and now the book is at last completed, I can present my completed master piece lol to my boss for his birthday (I had hoped that I could have given him the book, when he first moved in or Christmas just gone, however, things were still changing so much day to day it felt like I’d be giving him a incomplete book!). His birthday was the 5th July and even though it was ordered in plenty of time, the book wasn’t ready.  So now lets hope he likes it.

Unfortunately, none of these photo’s made the final cut for the big black book.!

I’m always taking too many photo’s, but then in my eyes too many is so much better than to little. lol What do you do with your digital photo’s ?


2 thoughts on “07 July – Day 69 (4 Years in the Making)

  1. I know this is going to sound funny, but he loved it lol, but it’s one of those things, what do you give a man who has everything. – But much to my delight he was off showing anyone and everyone that was happy to view lol 🙂 xx

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