08 July – Day 70 (All Change)

Part of mending my body and soul, is to try to find out who I really am, what I really like, and what I really think.  One of my biggest things was my well stocked wardrobe, that housed clothes, that I felt really didn’t show off who I really am.

They said more about where I had been, than were I was going, for now at the tender age of mumbble mumbble, I no longer needed tired old baggy trousers, t-shirts and jumpers to clamber about the house in, without worrying that one of the children was going to spill something on it, or even throw up all over me. My long lank greying hair didn’t have to be piled up on my head in a pony-tail so it didn’t get in the way.  I had reached a new stage in my life, where I could quiet freely, express my inner self, without fear of reprisals or getting ruined by children’s sticky little fingers.

A couple of weeks ago, much to everyone’s amazement I stood in front of my wardrobe and took out everything that I felt was no longer required.  Leaving me with the bare essentials and room for me and my new wardrobe to grow,  Henze the photo above is showing new boots and belt I just had to have, when we went shopping today.

So do you care about what you wear? or change your wardrobe regular ? I’d be interested to know 🙂


3 thoughts on “08 July – Day 70 (All Change)

  1. As a bit of a yo yo dieter *coughs* I am constantly changing my wardrobe, through need rather than want lol. I had a clear out last week and sent all my size 12’s to the charity shop (I’d been harbouring them since 2008 lol). I’ve kept some 14’s but now most of the stuff is 16’s and actually fit lol 😉

    I do know what you mean though, I think as we get older we want to look smarter. I’m getting to that age where I haven’t got a clue exactly *how* I should be dressing 😦 I need Gok lol


  2. Oh those yo yo diets they have been the downfall of my adulthood lol

    oo can you imagine if Gok did pop in and help with the clothing lol, I wonder what he would end up putting us in 🙂 lol, but I shall have fun trying to put together a new wardrobe. 😀


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