12 July – Day 74

The Adventures of a £1

The alarm brought me awake, stretching to bring the sleeping muscles to attention I lay there waiting……. The thud of two little feet jumping out of bed, the zip zip of the curtains being drawn, the padding footsteps that stop outside the bedroom then the soft lady like wraps on the door and in she bounds.

The tooth fairy had remembered that only yesterday not 1 but 2 teeth had come loose and fallen out at school and needed to be collected

We’d had the inspection the night before not only of the 2 not so white teeth that were being proudly displayed but the two gaping holes  where the teeth had once resided.  They’d been lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and placed with such precision under the stack of pillows that got snuggled each night.

We only then had to hope the tooth fairy remembered to collect the teeth and leave a gift in return.  I say this, as the tooth fairy that visits our house isn’t the best of tooth fairies, as we have had a couple of times where she forgot to visit and the following morning I had an upset little girl.

But this morning, thankfully this was not the case, for proudly produced 2 x £1 coins.  Snuggling into my arms ODC and I examined the coins, as she turned them over and over in her hands.  The first one displayed the Shield and Lion dated 2003, however, the 2nd coin showed the Welsh thistle and dated 1984 – I explained to ODC that when this coin was made Mummy was still at school,

“wow Mummy this must be a really old coin!”

“Thanks for that” lol

We then got to talking about where this one little coin may have been and it adventures.  How many times it had been used to buy chocolate, whether it had ever been lost and who may of found it, had a little girl ever dropped it and the coin rolled along the pavement and landed in a large rain puddle were either she had retrieved it or got someone else to get their hands wet and dirty.  As we discussed such scenarios, I didn’t look ahead enough at the pit fall I was fast heading for.

As those two innocents brown eyes looked up at me and said…….

“Mum where do tooth fairies get their money from?”  Stumped, I looked back at her

“Do you know what? I have no idea? But I’ll try and find out for you”

So Ladies and Gentlemen I put this question out to you!!!!!


Answers are most welcome 🙂


2 thoughts on “12 July – Day 74

  1. Silly. The fairies get their money from the River Bank. The elves work there and exchange their money for the teeth that the fairies have collected.And that’s the tooth.

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