20 July – Day 82

Having had my roots coloured and the ends re-shaped, my hair was feeling silky soft and full of life, only yesterday I had treated myself to a new wickedly high pair of black suede ankle boots (maybe too high for serious walking!) and a rather trendy black leather looking jacket, both items my brain had already planned to team with a cheeky little number that was languishing in my depleted wardrobe and would give the outfit a new lease of life.

So feeling very pleased with myself I changed from my clothes that I refer to as the house only clothes (full of holes and just fit to do the housework in) slipped into my dress added my newly purchased items and I was ready to take on the world.

Having collected the kids from school and dropping them home (18, 14 & 10 and fully capable of looking after themselves for half an hour) GDC and I popped into Tesco’s to top up on store cupboard essentials and a moisturiser that I had ran out off.  So with a childish spring in my step I glided around Tesco’s feeling pretty pleased with myself as I placed each item into my basket, well that was until I came to the “Age defying cream” as I scanned the shelf tying to find what I required.  There it was for all to see


Nothing wrong there!  Look further up the box, Top right hand corner…..

Yep there it is no matter how hard I try to be younger than my years, even the box has to shout out the truth

Well I hope after all this the product does what it claims!

My first shock…… How small the bottle is compared with the box it came in! Mmmmm

Well I’m going to try this out for 3 months (night and day) as prescribed on the box and see if any improvement has been made!

Have you ever tried to pretend you were one age for it only to be pointed out so blatantly that you’re not? Lol



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