Orange – Day 93

My Favourite Colour is Orange

If anyone was to ask me what’s your favourite colour? my reply would always be Pink with Purple spots, but today my favourite colour is ORANGE.

Since February this year our family have been trying to live without the internet at home (Thanks to the wonders of BT) at first I wasn’t too worried, after all my life wasn’t run by the internet was it?????? plus I had 750 mb of internet access on my iPhone   We’d show BT (lol)

March came and went and we still didn’t have any internet, but I didn’t care I’d got it on my phone.  However, when the bill arrived I’d exceeded the limit. 😦 so a quick call to my mobile provider and for an extra £5 a month I could have 500 mb on top of my 750.  (problem solved)  by April the situation hadn’t improved any, and the children were now getting frustrated.

By the time May had arrived, I had joined the ranks of pulling hair out, shopping on-line using my iPhone was fast becoming boring and trying to put in the weekly Tesco order was nigh on impossible and trying to keep up with Facebook, Twitter or up dating my blog, wasn’t even worth thinking about.


My  mobile phone company came to the rescue with bat cape and all (lol).  They offered a snazzy little package, which catered to the whole family’s needs , added bonus wasn’t going to cost the earth.

So now my favourite colour is Orange. !!!!!

So what’s your favourite colour and why?

(images came from Google images)


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