Shop Sitting – Day 103

As the average person isn’t really able to be in two places at once (it only feels like we have to be) I offered to room sit.

RB in her shop and me in the little room in the next village along – “The Rooms” haven’t been open long (10 weeks) so in truth this was just an experiment to see if any more business could be raised, as life as a shop owner is a very quiet one in this present climate and what we are selling isn’t a necessity but more of a luxury, trade hadn’t been busy for a while.

So this is were I found myself, in a vivid white room, just big enough to house two pale blue storage shelves, a wooden picnic table and matching benches and enough room to fit a couple of customers should they come my way, and just to give the “The Rooms” a dash of colour, but not to detract from any stock that might be on sale, they had hung Green, Blue & Purple bunting.

In my wisdom I had grabbed as I left the house a book and my latest crafty crazy (quilling), So here I sat twiddling tiny pieces of paper and decorating my book end penguin, because of my position in “The Rooms” I had no mobile signal or access to the internet, I could of felt a little isolated and my mind could of start wondering.

I’ve never been a good person to be left on my own, if my brain doesn’t have something to keep it busy then it finds all my negative thoughts and plays havoc with them.

But hey, I’m trying to be positive and turn my life around so instead of fretting over things I couldn’t have any control over, now would be a great opportunity to have that me time I’m always talking about, relax, enjoy my quilling and count myself lucky to have time to do something I enjoy.  So grabbing a coffee (well actually someone got it for me lol ) I settled back to enjoy a little bit of me time.

Just as I raised the cup to my lips out of no where came 2 customers.  A scarf and two hair bands later I was able to return to my coffee.  Unlike when the children interrupt you  and you grit your teeth before trying to help, I actually felt relief that my day wasn’t going to be truly wasted.  In fact I have to say once I got stuck into what I was doing my mood lifted and I started enjoying myself.


2 thoughts on “Shop Sitting – Day 103

  1. I’m glad you got to spend the day doing things you liked. I wasn’t sure whether either shop was yours or both were your friend’s, but either way, I hope the business is successful!


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