Afternoon Tea – Day 106

I love going out for afternoon tea or even morning tea.  It’s one of life’s little luxuries that I really enjoy.  Part of the fun for me is trying out a different tea shop, soaking up the atmosphere, pretending I’ve  escaped to a time long passed.  It’s me time, watch the world go by time, catch up on a good book time, or if I’ve got company then chat to our hearts content plus see what the coffee/tea rooms have to offer in ways of different teas cakes and delicate savouries



I do ask myself why is a garden centre tea room always more expensive than any other place?  Their coffee is never any better, their cakes are never any fresher or their sandwiches any tastier.  In fact as I stare down at my £5 cheese, tomato and pickle on brown,


I wondered what I really spent my money on, the spread on the bread ended up being a barrier to your taste buds, not allowing other flavours a chance to introduce themselves, once past the mouth the contents slide down like a sloppy sand.  Even the coffee was of an undrinkable kind.

The flowers maybe of a high standard, but the coffee shop was a humid, not so pleasant area, the large brown leather chairs may have been comfortable, but because of lack of space you end up rubbing knee’s with the person next to you.

Unfortunately Hillier’s Cafe “Hazel” was a great disappointment for my Sunday morning.  This for me is the only downside to my one weakness (lol) the fact that sometimes you just don’t enjoy it.

But at least you had the chance to go somewhere different and if you don’t like it, you DON’T have to go again.

What’s your one weakness?  🙂


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea – Day 106

    • Now posh restaurants, yes I can understand that. Have you tried the “Landmark” at Marylebone ? My boss tells me that they serve a very nice afternoon tea there. It’s one of the ones on my to do list lol 🙂

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