IKEA – Day 117

With car parks like airports, industrial strength yellow shopping bags ( that you never plan on filling) large metal shopping trollies for carrying your wares, sets made up like rooms that give you the ideas for making space. My passion? ……. IKea


As I follow the pre-planned shop layout, so as not to miss any of the must haves, I find myself filling that industrial yellow bag that my husband has thrown over his shoulder in the hope that I might on this one occasion forget we have. Our reason for visiting is to replace the wooden Venetian blind that hangs precariously in our lounge, threatening with each movement to happily bonk you on the head, should you at any time give it a look that it may not care for. The two other blinds still hang in pride of place and look as good as the day we bought them, 6 years ago.


Having checked the online shop we could see quiet easily that our local branch (3/4 of an hours drive away) still has them in stock. Surely one quick visit couldn’t do any harm? Straight in and out £15 blind purchased and heading back home before my bank account realises I’ve even been near the shop. Never happens, no matter how much effort I make. I just have to face facts that a visit to Ikea is never just going to be the £15 blind that we need to replace. It’s also that napkin holder, I’ve never thought about before,but would make dinner times so much more pleasant, it’s the 4 white small church candles, that I hope will fit into the jars that I have sitting on the side waiting for the finishing touch, and if they don’t fit, not to worry they are only £1.95 for all 4. It’s the three sets of brightly coloured face clothes, to replace those that vanished from our last visit. It’s the four cardboard boxes for holding photos that I keep meaning to get round to filing. Now I have the boxes, I’ve got no more excuses, well that’s what I tell my husband, whether he believes me I’m not so sure anymore. It’s that set of new craft brushes, that GDC has seen and knows I really could do with (see he’s as bad as me ) lol and it’s the lovely little sugar and matching milk jug, that I know full well on this occasion will just be the finishing touch to our already crowed kitchen .


So £50 later, instead of the £15 originally planned spending we set a course for home, and the thought of all those extra goodies I’ve just purchased nusselled in the boot of our car gives me a great sense of satisfaction of an afternoon well spent.


(Well after all Ikea is my one weakness) 😉 lol


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