Blogging – Day 120

I awoke very early this morning, (unheard of in our house), Gizzy (cat) had been knocking on the bedroom door, as she was in urgent need to go out, this in turn, woke up GDC, who made a quick visit and returned to the warmth and snugness of our bed.  I on the other hand, found myself wide awake. So instead of staring at the ceiling and hoping that time would hurry up and give me a civilised time to wake the household, I arose from my pit, grabbed my laptop and wondered downstairs.

Flicking on the kettle and booting the computer, I stretched, and gave a quick look at the kitchen clock, yep, it did say 5 am, with steaming hot coffee in hand I snuggled down to read my emails or blogging posts that had arrived whilst I was a sleep.  There were 16 of them.

This morning, I have spent an hour and half, laughing, nodding my head in agreement, smiling, and taking great delight in responding to bloggers comments, without having 1 interruption, no children, needing my attention this very minute, or husband wanting to know where something is, because I’ve moved it and now he can’t find it ( I do a lot of that, so I do understand his frustration).  It was really nice to be able to spend some time with people and listen (read) to what they had to say, almost a conversation in my head lol.

So I’m sending out a big thank you and great big huge hugs to you all, for your wonderful posts today, and I hope you don’t mind if I return again tomorrow (maybe not so early lol) for another chat.

See it was even too early for our visiting dog to wake up. (I do assure you that there is a dog under that blanket).

See this is him a couple of days ago, enjoying a chew stick 🙂


7 thoughts on “Blogging – Day 120

  1. I keep getting up earlier and earlier–even on weekends and days off–and get more done before 8 than many people do all day. At least now we have OnDemand so I can finally see the television shows that come on after 9pm when I’m sound asleep!

    • I’m not sure what my body clock is up to, but i do keep waking up around 5 ish lol just haven’t got my head round actually doing anything yet lol liking the sound of OnDemand, the amount of telly I’ve not seen over the last couple of months due to falling asleep.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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