Character Building – Day 131

Last week, after reading a blog from “The View Outside” about character building and taking a look at the questions from the site Vikki recommended.  I thought for a while, I’d got 4 characters sitting on my kitchen table, that maybe I should interview.  I knew that there would be a certain amount of questions that would be irrelevant, so I wouldn’t need to spend so much time analysing  “wrong”


I settled myself down, the first few questions weren’t a problem, – I’d already had a small outline in my head about Greta, how old she was, where she had come from, but then it got harder, as I tried to interview her on the other questions, even the question of what’s your  favourite movie?  I sat pondering, looking out the window, desperately digging deep, willing an answer, to materialise.  “Blank”, – I have a well stocked library of movies in the cupboard, and my mind just couldn’t think of one thing.  In the end, I just had to go and investigate the DVD’s in the hope that it would give me some hint of inspiration, at last there it was, “Cats” the musical, well of course, how silly of me, Greta had been to see the show twice, and one of those occasions she’d been to the West End to see it with friends.

I’m still not finished, and I’ve got another 4 characters to interview (yes, I’ve added one more).

So I wonder? ………..

Does getting to know your characters get any easier?

Will it be Christmas, before I get to write my first paragraph ?

And, can anyone, give me any tips or hints that might help me along the way?


8 thoughts on “Character Building – Day 131

  1. Ha ha ha, I don’t think it gets an easier as such, but, I think some are easier than others 🙂 With my novels I try to start with a picture, from a magazine or something (I don’t bother with the short stories). I find that really helps me focus 🙂

    Good luck honey! 🙂


  2. I like writing bios for my characters and can see how interviewing them would help. That said, the bios grow and change once I start writing. The more you know about your characters, the easier they are to write, but I don’t think you need to have everything pinned down before you start writing. Maybe Greta doesn’t like movies at all because she prefers live shows.

    Every writer has their own style. I try to do a blurb, a synopsis of major plot points, bios for the main characters, and a couple of sentences about each chapter before I start writing, but didn’t follow that for Until Thanksgiving. The difference really comes down to the amount of revising needed. I had to go back to the beginning of Until Thanksgiving dozens of times to incorporate new wrinkles that emerged as I wrote. With After Christmas Eve (my current WIP), I haven’t had to do as much revising to incorporate new info because most of it was in my chapter descriptions which are MUCH easier to revise than a finished chapter.

    I guess my take-away message is to start writing! Especially for a first book, you just need to get through it. You’ll revise it tons and tons, but you have to get it down first. Good luck!

    • Thank you for your words of wisdom and incouragment, I’ve always found writing difficult due to my dyslexia, so to find I now write a blog and even think about writing my first story, still is a big thing for me to get my head round. But I’ve decided to enjoy it and see what happens along the way. Love the idea that Greta might prefer live shows instead of movies. Thank you for taking the time o reply. 🙂

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