Bath – Afternoon Tea – Day 133

Best friend EJ put on Facebook the other day that they were visiting Bath, I was so jealous. Bath is a must visit for me and GDC, at least once a year, around our wedding anniversary (June)and we hadn’t made it last year, or this year’s.

On awaking the sun was streaming through the bedroom windows, a few dark clouds hovered in the sky, but that wasn’t going to stop me. Today the destination was BATH.

Having trod the cobble streets of Bath, taken a large number of photo’s, visited the Pump Rooms, paced the walk ways that Jane Austen characters would of used, we walked our tired feet to the Jane Austen Centre / The Regency Rooms for Afternoon Tea (my one weakness). Morning tea, Lunch or Afternoon tea in The Regency rooms, set above the Jane Austen Centre, is decorated in Duck Egg blue, with drapes of burnt gold, a A3 portrait of Mr Darcy ( Colin Firth) dominates one end of the room and the other end is a large fire place. 8 cosy linen clad tables await the visitor and waitress’s in costumes of tiny flower dresses and crisp white aprons are there to make your visit the best it can be.

This is the tea room that I constantly judge others by. The standards are always so high and the food is always fresh, well presented, and truly melts in the mouth. So whether your having a sandwich, fresh soup or as us, afternoon tea -Two types of scones (fruit and plain)that are soft, light, spongy two types of Jam, butter and clotted cream, chocolate cake that can impress the most difficult of critics (my middle child) a choice of 14 different types of tea (that can be purchased for home consumption as well) and coffee etc for those that prefer. Piped music through the building, the sound track of Pride and Prejudice (Matthew Macfadyen & Keira Knightly version) you will always be sure of the best service that they can offer, and that is why they were awarded the “The Tea Guild Award of Excellence 2010” (I believe they received it as well for 2011). If you get a chance then stop the assistant Wendy, who handles the tables with such easy, grace and curtsey, she is only too happy to give away little tip bits of useful information –

No 25 Gay Street, is the house that Jane Austen actually lived at, and it’s the only house that is not marked up with a blue heritage plaque

All the cakes that are served are made at a local bakers, their secret recipes make the food something you don’t want to miss.

I’d always give “The Regency Rooms” 12/10 for their food, service and types of teas.



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