To Do List – Day 135

So, for the first time of writing a “To Do List” and putting it into action on something that isn’t a plan on how to clean my house, I am quite pleased with how I did.

1.       Character Interview

Well that wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, but hey, with the help of my middle child who has the most fantastic imagination, I managed to pull together the character of my first subject (is that cheating getting help? )

2.       Categories Photo’s

I’ve been meaning to sort out the family photos of 2011. It was on my New Year’s resolution list  but 2012 isn’t finished yet, so I can’t say that I failed lol – So all photo’s are divided into months and ready to be put into a digital book (Plan for this week):)

3.       Update Blog

Write a diary blog about a lady called Kathy, who is suffering from depression and is trying to exercise her demons onto a page.  The plan, is to take 1 small section of the weekly diary entries, upload to my blog and hopefully people will comment and give any tips they may have on how I can improve.  (is that very cheeky of me? :@ )

4.       Read next chapter of blog know how

Now, I have done this, and found it very interesting, I’ll be putting one or two of this week’s findings out there into blog land, later on in the week 😉

5.       Read and make notes on the book, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin

Now this is another personal goal for me, trying to make my life a little happier 🙂 and as the book is divided into months I’m plot the progress as I go.

6.       Re-plot diary action, ref, HTDEABH by Peter Jones

Now this I failed at 😦 , I’ve done the diary plotting before, but as my time has now changed drastically I felt I really needed to update, So this is now this week’s first task.

7.       Take and sentence photo prompt

The photo has been taken, and all I now need to do is write something interesting about it lol, but this is more on a child’s story than anything and is aimed at my soon to be 11 year old daughter.  For all the prompts will be stories about 5 little characters that I have made and together (ODC & Me) will be able to tell of the adventure that have taken place each week. (well that’s the plan, let’s see if it is what happens 🙂 )

So a lot has been achieved, and a lot to keep updating and moving on with.   This week’s list;

  1. Re-plot diary action ref; How To Do Everything and Be Happy (by Peter Jones)
  2. Interview my second character
  3. Start writing my Kathy diary
  4. Progress onto my next chapter on the blog know how and report back
  5. Implement some of my findings from chapter one of “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin
  6. Photo Prompt
  7. Upload my 2011 photo’s into a digital photo book

Not much this week then lol, how’s your week panning out?


6 thoughts on “To Do List – Day 135

  1. No, it’s not cheating to get help with a novel. That’s are what writer’s groups are for.
    You are blessed to have someone in your home to discuss stories with.
    I always have to go outside to find someone to brainstorm with.

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