On My Way To School

Each morning as I drive the kids to school, I have to drive over a little humpbacked bridge and as long as I’m not rushing, due to kids not getting into the car on time, I can glance to the right and this is the view I get.


Every morning I promise myself that one day I’ll stop and take a photo.  My understanding is the house and grounds belong to a leading Politian, but for that I don’t care a fig,  I’m just glad that this view is here for all to see.

This evening on the way home from an appointment and with no kids in the car, I took full advantage of coming home the country route.


I just love the little boathouse in the distance, the peacefulness of the lake and how the trees dip to meet the water.  This view is nearly always this tranquil, however cold winter mornings when the mist is rising, I can almost see the shadows of a time long past and a shiver runs down my spine.


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