Day 146 – Hair

When my little girl was fairly new, her hair hardly grew and the bits that did were somewhat whispery.  Nothing could be done with it, apart from just letting what hair she did have just float around her head.

By the time she turned 2, nothing much had changed in the hair department,  so I booked a quick hair appointment with our local hairdresser and had what hair she had cut really short.  My poor husband nearly cried when we returned.  I tried to explain cutting her hair short, should in practise make her hair grow back stronger and grow in length as well.  I’m not sure he truly believed me and in his eyes at that time his beloved little girl had been scalped.

The reason for my tale?  My little one turns 11 at the weekend and I have just spent the last half hour blow drying her long hair of which she is extremely proud.  Her aim at the present moment in time is to grow her hair so long that she can sit on it, and she’s not doing too bad a job.  She’s certainly got more patients with her hair than I have with mine.  However, I enjoy spending half hour drying her hair for it gives us an opportunity to chat about whatever is on her mind.  This evenings topic  ‘why’ would you ever want short hair?


Little Miss Long Hair

PS My husband has forgiven me 🙂


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