Day 156 – To Do List

I stood still the other day, totally still and tried not to move a muscle.  Life had been happening so fast that I almost felt dizzy trying to keep up.  My mind began to wonder as my body was stationary,  if life was so busy why wasn’t I getting everything started let alone finished? Surely reading these self-help books, my aim was to improve my life, but all I had ended up doing was gaining more tasks, and now even more tasks weren’t getting achieved.  It was all well and good making lists of things that I wanted to do – be nicer to my husband, de-clutter my house (get that over flowing airing cupboard sorted) but then I also needed to make sure that I had time to do them all. So now my ‘To Do List’s’ have to do lists have to do lists.  This months topic on the Happiness Project, be nicer to husband, now needed breaking down to a weekly to do list and then broken down to the daily to do list.

So each day do something for husband that makes his life a little easier 🙂 Yesterday, we went clothes shopping (for him) and not once did I turn the shopping trip into the well needed clothes I needed for my winter wardrobe. (*sigh*)  I have to say I did smile when the cashier total him £189 on his purchases, see how expensive clothes are! *snigger to one self *  today all under wear laundered and back in our room, sorry I digress.

I may not get everything done in one go, but hopefully I will actually achieve my daily tasks, allowing room the following week, for fresh ones to be added.

I’ve got so many things buzzing around my head, things I want to do, achieve and see that maybe a spreadsheet is needed for my ‘Now List’ there are those books that I want to re-read and then book cross with them.  I enrolled on the book crossing months ago and that is as far as I got.  (I wonder if they do the same things for DVD’s? Mmmmmm)

Oh well here I come my
To do list
For my to do list
For my to do list 🙂

Do you ever stop and wonder?

Mondays task – clear out airing cupboard – COMPLETED 😀 😀 😀 (phew)

The Shame of the Airing Cupboard

The Shame of The Airing Cupboard

The Proud Airing Cupboard


One thought on “Day 156 – To Do List

  1. WOAH! You’ll wear yourself out!!!!!! 😉

    I NEVER have more than 7 items on my to do list (well, ok, I have had 8 a couple of times), because it’s a proven psychological fact that the more items you have on your list, the less likely they’ll get done. It’s also a proven psychological fact that the average person can’t cope with more than 7 things on a to do list…..

    Good luck honey, but it sounds like you need to put your feet up 🙂


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