Day 158 – BFF

I received a text message from my BFF yesterday.

“Happy Anniversary”!!!!

We’ve known each other 40 Years

God help us !!!! xxxxx

40 years, a life time ago! She with her vivid red hair and me with a thick Irish accent that no one could understand, two very unlikely kids to get together, yet we did and here we are 40 years later just to prove it.

As kids we fell out that many times I lost count but then you wouldn’t be surprised as we went through infants, junior and senior school together and  always in the same class.  We only lived a couple of roads apart so we walked to and from senior school together doing the things that young girls of the 80’s would do (no mobile’s for us) we talked about TV programmes, our favourite pop groups (her, Hair Cut 100 & Me, Culture Club) and even which boy we fancied.

At 18 BFF’s parents decided they’d had enough of London and moved the family lock stock and barrel down to the coast.  On the day they moved I stood on the curb to wave them off.  Life would never be the same, we may have only been 18 but we had already been through so much, so thanks to the postal system and the telephone exchange we managed to stay in touch, and when money allowed it we were able to visit, in fact once I passed my driving test, it was to the coast that I headed for my first journey out of the smoke.

The distance between us in miles is still quite large, but we have always been able to see each other through relationships, marriages, divorces, kids and major depression.

We may not talk every day, like we did when we were kids, but not matter what, ‘we will be always be there should either one need anything’, or just chat and have a catch up on family gossip.

We are not due to meet up until early November, but I already know that there will be lots of laughter involved.

So as I sit here in this little tea room I raise my Latte in honour of my BFF  and say,



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