Day 160 – To Do List

The Weekend is fast approaching the new week, and as I glance over my shoulder I can feel happy that a lot has been achieved 😀

Monday, that horrid Airing cupboard was beaten.  Isn’t it funny how you can put things off and for that reason they become big and looming, yet when I rolled up my sleeves and actually got down to the task it was completed within the hour

Wednesday Photography and Date Night

I’ve been meaning to go and visit a particular location for over a 4 months now and as Wednesday was such a dry and crisp day it seemed to be the ideal opportunity.  So grabbing camera I headed off to see what I could find.  I ended up taking over 200 photo’s and very pleased with the end result.

Him in Doors and I have promised ourselves that we should instigate a Date Night, not always do the same things but trying out things that we fancied, whether it’s a night of bowling or something totally off the scale ( 😉 )

Anyway it’s taken us 3 weeks to actually get round to going out that we thought we would start off easy.

This week Dinner and a Movie 😀

Taken 2 and the wonderful Liam Neeson.  My husband is very good, he understands my passion for Liam lol, So I’m allowed to sit and drool while he takes in the movie.

Saturday night and out for dinner with friends, no kids just adult conversation and wonderful food its our once a month treat.  3 couples taking it in turns to cook up a storm for the others (our own come dine with me).  This month not only did we have a tasty main course, but a choice of 3 deserts.  Apple & Blackberry Crumble with Custard or Cream, a Port Chocolate Torte and a meringue with fresh fruit of the allotment.

So now it’s time to plan this weeks must do’s, adventures and achievements!!!

So what’s everyone else been up to????


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