Time is flying past

I’ve discovered a couple of interesting things this week, thanks to the postings of Urban Daddy.  http://www.urbandaddy.wordpress.com In one of his posts  he was talking about the daily prompts from WordPress, which I had heard about before, just not too sure what it was, so with a bit of time to spare I investigate a little closer and now follow the daily prompts in the hope inspiration will be forth coming. http://wp.me/p23sd-375 (thank you), I also have to say that I have followed in his footsteps (Urban daddy) and made myself a Facebook page that will hopefully run alongside my blog.  So please feel free to press the like button on my the page (I know shameless promoting of oneself) https://www.facebook.com/HimHerAndUs?ref=hl

So, Christmas is almost upon us and already I’m feeling a little flustered.  You would have thought by now that I would be more organised, Christmas happens every year and on the same day (unlike Easter) yet here we are at the end of November and I’m wondering will I ever be ready.  Some of my friends start their Christmas shopping in October and have everything ready to go by the end of November (not me).   So the next 25 days, life is going to be focused as much as possible around getting house, family and presents ready for Christmas.

Having been looking on the site ‘Pinterest’ (http://pinterest.com/) I have to say that I have become slightly addictive to this website, pining creations left right and center   My aim should I get the chance is to try and make one decoration each day leading up to Christmas. Most of the pins are from America.  I knew that the American’s liked celebrated Christmas in style, but I never fully realised how much time and effort they actual put in to getting Christmas up and running. Wow, so much more impressive than what I have seen over here in England and I thought we did Christmas well.

How do you get ready for Christmas, do you have any traditions that you follow every year? We start watching Christmas movies on the 1st of December and the first one just has to be the Muppet’s Christmas Carol.


3 thoughts on “Time is flying past

    • Vikki, you should do it. Then you can tag it to your twitter account as well.

      So the expert tell’s me, you only need to make 3 comments a day on your page. You could do a 3 part short story, you could give your tips on writing or recommend a book of the month. You could even add your 365 project to the page.

      I know loads of your friends would follow you, I certainly would. 😀 x

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