Goal Setting – Month 2

goal setting

Having spent a day in October sorting out goals, November became a lot easier to focus on and working through the goal list, adjustments were so straightforward.

1. Sentence a day box;

I actually found this so simple to complete as well as enjoyable, trying to be organised I put a reminder on my phone, so each evening at the same time I take five minutes to focus on what I’ve achieved.

2. Keep a diary;

I’ve actually decided not to do this anymore, reason being? Keeping on top of the Sentence a day box and writing my blog, keeping a diary seemed like just doubling the job.

3. Writing a blog;

On going.

4. Tired of London;

I haven’t managed to venture out to the unknown of London; however as a family we did visit Blackheath, for my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday Afternoon tea.

5. Crafting project;

Making Christmas decorations.

6. Learn to play the piano;

Going to put this one into action 2013.

7. 1 Evening a week out with Please Sir;

Trying to find one evening a week, seems at the moment almost impossible. However, not to be beaten by this, we are now taking an evening stroll for between 30 and 60 minutes, which is giving us time to generally talk through anything that may be on our minds.

8. History project;

Moved to 2013.

9. Declutter House;

Seems pointless at the moment as we are putting Christmas decorations up, so leaving it until 2013.

10. Save Money;


11. Read more books;

Finished 1 at the end of October, but find that I’m not enjoying my present read as much as I thought I was going to. “The Women That Went to Bed for a Year” but finding reading time is almost impossible, unless it’s just as I get between the sheets each night, but then I’m fighting with tired eyes and most evenings the eyes are winning.

12. Being frugal;

This is a new one that I added in November and hope to put into action at the start of 2013.

So, how was your November?

Goal Setting 1


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