Weekend Chatter

With the weekend being well and truly over, the manic rush to Christmas begins.

I love the first weekend in December, for no other reason than we can just laze about. The calm before the storm, apart from dropping kids off to Saturday clubs and gathering a couple of Christmas presents, Please Sir and I went from Saturday to Sunday without much effort.

I must confess that the Advent Calendar did go up in a hurry as I almost forgot it and had to be reminded by Boo that it was missing. Mind you, ‘Boo’ isn’t a chocolate child and would much rather have a boiled sweet, so as a family we have a communal calendar that we fill ourselves.
I’ve had the calendar almost 11 years now so it has become the first family tradition of the season, along with watching a Christmas movie normally the Muppet’s Christmas Carol, but it seems to have gone off into the land of missing, so we watched ‘Elf’ instead. I love the part of the movie where Buddy (‘The Elf’) is in the department store and it’s been announced that Santa is arriving the following day, and he spends all night decorating the grotto.


It would be brilliant to be able to do something like that in your own home?

How was your weekend?

(Picture from Google Images)


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