Daily Prompt – Oasis

What is my Oasis?


I don’t have an oasis as such, a place to call my own, somewhere to run to when I feel like the world is against me. I’m not sure you can have something like an Oasis when you have a young family. If things get too much for me then I generally head for my bedroom and settle myself on the bed. Not to sleep you understand, it’s like putting myself on an island, anywhere on the bed is safe, you can only step on the ground when things have been sorted ; The family know that when an Oasis time strikes, Mum just needs time to herself; I don’t always stay there for long, as my inner voice has a great way of putting me on a gilt trip; wasting time sitting when there is so much more that needs doing and Please Sir can’t be expected to do it all on his own.

images (1)

On the other hand if it’s time on my own that I need then there are two places that I like to visit;

images (3)
Costa coffee for a skinny decaf latte, a triple chocolate muffin and the must have window seat to view the outside world. I find ‘people watching’ fascinating, whether they too are sitting in the coffee shop or walking past the window; for a few seconds they enter my life and my mind wonders what their life might be like? Are they happy? Rushing to work or out on a shopping trip; a group of young girls getting together reminds me of my own time spent out with the girls; shopping trips, visits to the cinema or just catching up, after all it’s been at least a couple of hours since we last saw each other.

images (2)

London, is my second place, it’s only second because it’s much further to travel than the local coffee shop! The capital is so big and everyone is so busy, they don’t notice little old me, pondering through the streets camera in hand snapping away at things that catch my eye. It affords me such a freedom, a sense of just being me, those few hours wondering, exploring, investigating life in the city, it gives me such a new lease of life. However, I wouldn’t want to do it every day, I do enjoy returning to the hubbub of family life, after all, Please Sir, Mr Man, MOF and Boo complete the person I am.


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