Photo prompt – Jellycat and the book

I am trying to create a set of short stories for my little girl, this section is aimed at the age group 9-11.

I really would welcome your constructive comments and advice.  Thank you in advance.

Jellycat sat quietly on the shelf in Boo’s room, the voice of Stephen Fry drifting from the CD player perched on the corner of the bed; Jellycat was listening to a story about a bear that lives with a family called the Brown’s.  He’d heard the story before but normally it was from his hiding position, under the bed.  This evening Jelly was enjoying the fact that he could listen to the story from his new vantage point; the shelf above Boo’s bed.

Jellycat gazed across the room to the stack of brightly coloured books that Boo had piled up on her table. The book on top had a bright blue spine, but the cover was a golden yellow and the picture depicted a character wearing a red hat and blue duffle coat.  Jelly could just make out the title when he stretched his neck; ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ by Michael Bond.

Making sure that Boo was fast asleep; Jellycat slipped off his shelf and slowly crawled over the crumpled quilt, avoiding the sleeping grey cat that was curled up at Boo’s feet.  Jelly made his way over to the stack of books and carefully slipping the top book off the stack and managed to drag it up onto the bed.  Settling himself down amongst the cosy cushions Jelly began to read.

‘Mr and Mrs Brown first met Paddington on a railway platform’

In the morning when Boo woke, stretching she noticed her Jellycat tucked up in the cushions with a book open on his lap. Jelly must have fallen asleep while reading!

Jellycat and the book

Jellycat and the book


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