2013 Goal Setting

A fresh year and a fresh set of goals 🙂 below, my goals for 2013.

A sentence a day ;

This is to run alongside my 3rd year of doing the project 365.

Writing my Blog;

I’ve taken on the challenge this year to put pen to paper (well blog) to write something everyday.

Tired of London Tired of Life;

The plan is to visit one place of interest in London each month with the help from the book ‘Tired of London Tired of Life’.

Crafting project;

Unfortunately my friend has had to shut up shop but 2012, gave me such a buzz with all the crafting  we completed in and outside of the classes, that my aim is to try and carry on at home during 2013.

Learn to Play the Piano;

I’ve been meaning to do this ever since my 40th birthday when I was bought a piano as a gift.

An evening a week just for Hubby and I;

We did try this last year and for a couple of months it worked really well, but  life just kept getting in the way.  So this year we need to make more effort and focus on one day a week.

De-clutter House;

This seems to appear every year on my goals but by 31st January its fallen by the wayside, my biggest problem with de-cluttering is I just have to keep hold of everything just in case, lol.  Hoping this year is the year that I let go and start clearing the decks.

Save Money;

In principle this is always a good idea, but in my mind if I can’t save a large lump at a time there seems little  point.  So this year I’m trying a new mind set, no matter how small,  I’m planning to put something away each week and see what I’ve accumulated by the end of 2013.

Read More Books;

To read a minimum of 12 books over the coming year .  However, they will be of the paper variety as I don’t seem to be able to settle with a kindle.

Be Frugal;

This in theory should help me with saving money, well that’s the plan.

So here’s to 2013, what are your plans for the year???

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