To Do List 07 – 13 January 2013

Wow what a week, I’m happy with all that has been achieved.

365 Project;

Another week completed (see Sunday’s blog)

Crafting Project – Scarf;

I am now the proud owner of a new scarf, the wool (4 balls) were given to me as part of my birthday present last month.  I have finished 😀 all I need to do now is find myself a large broche to set it off.

Evening Out;

Unfortunately, my lovely Hubby came down this week with the horrid flu, and had to take to his bed.  (Please Sir, is not a man that falls to Man’s Flu in fact he is a man who refuses to fall ill at all)


The Christmas decorations have been safely returned to loft and the house now looks very bare.

Save Money;

Yep, I managed to sneak a couple of coins away this week, well grabbed them out of the hubbies pocket lol and now they are safely stashed in my new collection jar (Pringles pot) 😉

Read a book a month;

I’ve started reading  “Lark Rise to Candleford” My main reason, apart from the fact that the book was adapted for television a couple of years ago, is the book is based around the village and town in which we live. Reading at the moment is slow as most of the text is in 19 century  language.

This Week

Well it’s the first week back to work after the Christmas break so I am going to take things a little easy.  He he

1)      More work on my Jellycat stories

2)      Carry on de-cluttering the house

3)      I’m aiming to have all main meals homemade nothing artificial (not sure the kids are going to be too happy with me lol)

4)      Complete and send to print the 2011 yearbook of photo’s

5)      Evening out with Hubby

6)      Carry on with a daily blog.

So my question to you is, were you successful with last weeks to do list? and what are your plans for the coming week?


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